Hate your low-flow toilet? Name names!

It may seem that ‘low-flow toilets’ are secretly ‘flush-forever toilets’. Functional low-flow toilets do exist, however. Why do you keep encountering the bad ones? According to one theory, some of these bad low-flow toilets may be attempts by contractors who build new houses to….cut costs by using cheaper ineffective ones. They look good, sound virtuous in a sales pitch, but turn a short nature-call into a 15 minute battle between plunger and porcelain.

If you hate your low-flow/flush-forever toilet, leave a comment with the name and model of the toilet. I will make a list so that the Bad Johns can be known to everyone. Provide a photo of the culprit and I will create a special page so that people who threw away their manuals can know that they are not alone! Let’s get these things off the market and find out which ones are good ones!

Note:  Oct 2008 UPDATE with lists is here!


One response to “Hate your low-flow toilet? Name names!

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