Used Construction Material

If you are doing some serious renovations and would like to keep the building material out of the landfills, the place to contact is the Habitat for Humanity Restores.

Likewise, if you are looking to buy some affordable doors, windows or other building materials, you can probably find it there. They also take paint, hardware, lumber tools, tiles, lighting fixtures, and even ovens and appliance parts at some locations.

The Restores are part of the Habitat for Humanity organization, a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to building affordable housing. To read more about this great organization, or to get involved building houses for underprivileged families in your city, click here for the Canadian branch and here for other locations around the world. Working side-by-side with the future homeowners to help them get a leg up and out of poverty is community-building at its best.

If you own a construction company, find out how you can lend one of your employees to Habitat for its work and get a tax deduction.

Women: if you want to learn some homebuilding and construction skills but feel a little self-conscious in this traditionally male domain, the Canadian Habitat also organizes homebuilding blitzes where the volunteers are all women.

To find the co-ordinates for a Restore in your province, click here . Find a home for your used building materials and appliances, buy used and discontinued stuff at good prices, reduce landfill, and help this fine organization help other people. All good!


One response to “Used Construction Material

  1. Thanks, that’s a useful tip. I’ve been wondering where I could get used construction stuff.

    Now to see if there’s a location anywhere near me. . .

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