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Good news: revolutionary new light bulb!

And it’s not the Compact Fluorescent Bulb!

It is a refinement of the LED that can be used in standard-sized bulbs (and therefore standard light sockets). The company producing it is called Lemnis Lighting and is owned by Otten and Philips – that’s Philips of electronics fame. It is based in the Netherlands and will be launching its lights there first. The new bulb is called Pharox and “is the first 3.4-watt LED bulb that produces light comparable to an ordinary 40-watt bulb.” The light quality is apparently warmer than the dreaded clinical CFB. Currently, it will cost you about $59 each (gasp!) but…it will last 35 years. It is worth remembering that VCRs also started at insane prices and now you can get them for almost nothing.


Here’s a link to an article about it from a great Dutch-based magazine called Ode that talks about the innovation. Incidentally, Ode is a print and online magazine about positive news ‘for intelligent optimists’- could be a good gift for those articulate pessimists in your life….

And this link will take you to the company that produces the bulb and give you info on where to buy it.